Jasper Juinen is a Dutch photographer and videographer who as a twelve year old developed his first films in a self built darkroom occupying the entire bathroom of his parental home. After leaving school prematurely he soon exchanged his side job at a one-hour photo lab for a traineeship at Reuters, which would turn out being merely the beginning of his internationally flourishing career.

Five years after this professional kick-start, Jasper joined the Dutch national press agency ANP as a staff photographer. Five years of news and sports photography were to follow, after which he was offered the position of chief photographer at Associated Press in Madrid. In 2008 he changed course to establish the Spanish branch of Getty Images – a chapter he finished in 2013. Back in the Netherlands he currently operates as an independent photojournalist with a focus on documentary photography.

Instead of staging the ideal, Jasper aims to register reality by observing society from a somewhat distant perspective. His unique view on everyday episodes results from his resistance to all forms of habituation, which enables him to capture moments gone unnoticed by their majority of attendees. By pragmatically extracting a scene’s essence he eliminates all visual aspects not contributing to the bigger picture. His photographs characterize themselves by a sense of aesthetics that prefers authenticity above perfection.

Jasper’s work has been internationally praised and awarded, and he works on a regular basis for Bloomberg News, The New York Times, NRC Handelsblad, Alex van Groningen Events, Goedendoelen- loterijen and the Dutch National Press Agency.